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I get a fever, that’s so hard to bear....

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Never know how much I love you Never know how much I care

When you put your arms around me I get a fever, that’s so hard to bear...

No.... not that sort of Fever...I’m talking Hay fever here...

Miserable symptoms of...Sneezing, runny or congested nose, postnasal drip, itching of nose, soft palate or ear canal and/skin, fatigue, trouble sleeping...and then when you do want to sleep no one wants to sleep with you...because you snore...

It’s just an allergic reaction to external properties such as pollen, dust, pollution etc which is created by low histamine levels in the liver and a dry membrane tissue. So the body responds to this by sneezing, nose running and some swelling of the facial tissue. Kills the passion it does.

So...what to do? Conventionally, take antihistamines, a no brainer which works well OR

Homeopathically, the main remedies are Allium cepa, Kali Bich and a combined product or used individually depending on your symptom picture. We can also use dust pollen or any other specific antidotes to your particular allergen if you know it. Remember ‘like cures like’ with this modality.

If you are brave and really don’t want anyone to sleep with you, do this: Add lots of garlic to your diet. OR...Chop an onion, cover with boiled water, add a couple of eucalyptus oil drops and simmer. Inhale the steam if the nasal passage is blocked. (You can then make soup...JUST KIDDING..about the soup bit, not the inhaled bit though, because it works)

Nutritionally eliminate all mucous forming foods such as milk, wheat, cheese products until the allergy reactions have gone. The natural histamine vitamins are B and B6 so add a good Vitamin B complex as well as Pantothenic acid and L-Trytophan which when taken each spring will help prevent seasonal hay fever. Oh, and of course Omega 3 oils...which are great for your joints as well...double whammy.

Beneficial supplements also include Bee Pollen, again taken regularly will build up natural resistance. Take one month before hay fever season begins but begin eating slowly in case you get a reaction to it. Swedish bitters is a good tonic for the generally allergic folk and Slippery elm powder will heal mucous membrane tissue .As always make sure that the condition of the liver, adrenals and digestive system are functioning well.

Thinking a bit out of the square here, if you have this often, is there anything that gets up your nose in real life? Something to ponder Remember Fever is a passion..Hayfever is a damper.

Happy wandering


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