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Always hire the Red Ferrari

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Being a healthy wanderer not only includes looking after our physical being but also includes developing a healthy emotional and mental outlook on life. So how much time do you spend looking at the way you react to life’s ups and downs? After all, it’s not our feelings that show us who we are... but rather how we deal with those feelings and project them outwards....or inwards... I was walking down the beach yesterday and coming towards me was a guy throwing a ball for two identical dogs of his. The dogs bounded after the ball, one reaching it quite a bit quicker than the other. As I got closer, I noticed that the dog with the ball in his mouth, looking real chuffed, had only three legs. I said to the guy “Yay, the 3 legged one won” His reply “Yeah, he always does..he’s forgotten he only has three legs” Now how’s THAT for attitude! Forgetting is Health...when you forget what your limitations are and just go for what you get it... unsurprisingly. So this is it..if we do our own thing, not worrying about how others see us..we grow. The flip side..if we allow others to be who they are without placing limitations on them..they grow So how do we look at others usually? Do we see the real them or do we only see what we want to see? They may be the complete opposite of us and who defines normal? For example, you may have been, more than likely, part of a minority at some time. What’s it really like to be...the only English speaker in a bus full of Japanese or the only vegetarian in a sea of carnivores...

In what ways did you play smaller or quieter as a result? Maybe you’ve never been in a minority, why not? It can be as enriching to step out and become a pick up that magazine you never would look or take a trip somewhere you never have been. Sometimes we are in the minority, sometimes we are the majority but always, we are with ourselves. If we like that place and we prioritize our mental wellbeing regardless of outside demands than we may just live our best life. I’d bet that dog would hire a Red Ferrari


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