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Healing through the Minimum Dose

Rediscover Your Own Healing Powers

Minimum Dose Homeopathy offers a natural and unique holistic approach to treating, both the physical and the emotional aspects of an individual, through stimulating the body's own healing process.

Together, we can encourage this journey to your improved overall health with a well chosen, individualised, minimum dose of a homeopathic remedy.

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Chantal Heller   DipHom AdvDipHom

Classical Homeopath 

I have been practicing homeopathy with both people and their pets in my clinics in Wellington and on the Kapiti Coast since 1999. Over the past 20 years I have also had the privilege to have worked part time at Simillimum Homeopathic Pharmacy making remedies for the Australasian Market. Prior to that I worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry advising General Practitioners and Hospital Specialists on prescription medicines. 

Today I’m the mother of two daughters and have four grandchildren. In my spare time you can usually find me wandering the hills of New Zealand hence the naming of my blog ‘The Healthy Wanderer’ (check it out on here). Through my love of tramping and discovering what a wonderful rejuvenating place the New Zealand Bush is, I discovered Maori Rongoa and thus began my  interest in both New Zealand herbs and Maori Homeobotanicals.

Nature and healing: nothing beats this combination to bring about health in an individual on all levels.

"In my consultations with you, I recognise that there may be a combination of spiritual, emotional or physical dimensions to healing your ‘ill at ease’ and therefore I embrace a holistic, personalised treatment for you"

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When I first came to see Chantal I was in an utterly miserable state; I had trouble working, concentrating and was very unwell. She really turned my life around.

In the course of a few days I started to gain concentration levels I had not had for years. It was like a fog had lifted from my brain and I could see the world clearly and sharply again.

I also felt much calmer, more settled and optimistic about meeting challenges and hurdles on an every day basis.

Her level of attention, her holistic approach to well-being and treatment is so impressive; and it was a life changing for me.


I’ve been coming to see Chantal over the last few years with my family. I find her very supportive, non judgemental and attentive to our needs. I feel I can tell her anything and she has helped my youngest son who has autism in so many ways.


I came to see Chantal with my dog which had terrible separation anxiety. After a couple of sessions trying a few remedies, I have a happy dog once more.


Chantal changed our life. We saw her out of desperation when our first born had terrible reflux. Homeopathy was the last thing that we tried before making the call on upping the medication. I had never been a believer of it, and knew so little about it, but my husband was insistent on trying. To my complete surprise, it made a huge difference literally over night. I rung Chantal in tears after the weeks of hell that we’d had. It was still a long road to health, but homeopathy was part of the missing puzzle. Since this success, I now use Chantal frequently for my kids and myself. She’s an excellent sounding board, a kind and supportive practitioner, who offers so much more than just fantastic homeopathic remedies and knowledge. We will forever be grateful for having made this connection, and value her input so much. We cannot recommend her enough.

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118 Raumati Road, Raumati Beach, Paraparaumu 5032, New Zealand

027 421 8785

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